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We are a company operating in Kenya, but with a wide reach in the Africa continent, providing with expediency, a wide spectrum of due-diligence reports on companies and Individuals. We manage integrity and compliance risks in your company, partners, suppliers and customers.

Our company check is a simple, yet efficacious, methodical and exhaustive company due-diligence processes which can help you know your customer (KYC) and ensure that you have the veritable company details for the business which you intend to engage as your suppliers, Customers, agents or even invest in. We employ best set of business intelligence and in-depth Research to manage risks in your company.

We pride ourselves as the Africa’s providers of an extensive range of top-quality, accurate, reliable, seasonally-relevant, fast, timely and concise business Information reports, meant to provide anchorage and substance to your investment or partnership decision-making for your company or subsidiaries. This eases the seamless cross-frontier market study and top-tier mercantile engagements you may at any time have interest in. We therefore ease your work by undertaking company data research, covert background checks, consolidating, codifying and synthesizing company data for you, on prospective suppliers, distributors of your products or services or who you are dealing with or want to deal with in whichever capacity, but may be uncertain of the veracity of their track record or financial position claims, or just need to confirm their corporate details. We got the trusted intelligence and investigations services in Africa Continent.

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