Miscellaneous Checks

i) References Enquiries
In this we investigate a person’s potential criminal activities and credit history. This verification of employment history entails contacting up to three previous employers, making local enquiries and approaching local community members, searching records manually or electronically using local and native language, searching internet portals using local and native language to establish career history provided and wherever possible obtaining dates of employment and confirmation of job title.
ii) Reputational Checks
A good name is priceless. How much more does this mantra resonate well with business? How businesses or individuals relates and interacts with people and businesses in this respect is the gist of reputational checks in this respect. We ensure you get the overview of the behavior of the business or individuals towards the community they operate in.
iii) Adverse Media Checks
This includes the scrutiny of a wider spectrum of media, and therefore searches are conducted over the internet, local newspapers, government gazette notices, periodicals, national and regional directories and any information in local native languages.
iv) Asset/Property Checks
Property Ownership Verification Report. We verify and confirm ownership of a property i.e. Plot of Land, apartment, house and building. We can also give any historical transaction(s) of that particular property.
v) Site Visits / Address Verification/ Photographs
ASAP can verify you the place where a certain business operates by sending investigators to location of the business and confirm the location by providing digital photographs and check commercial signage if possible.

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