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While your primary focus is on imparting knowledge, skills, and tools to bolster the performance of SMEs, our mission is to address information asymmetry and de-risking challenges, providing you with a better understanding of the businesses you work with. Through digitalization of SMEs and grouping them into cohorts, we ensure the availability and quality of information regarding their financial health, operations, and management. This approach enables you to identify their specific needs and challenges more effectively.

By adopting this methodology, you can concentrate your efforts on businesses that are most likely to benefit from your training or support, resulting in significant savings in time and resources that would otherwise be spent on individual businesses. This streamlined approach increases the program's effectiveness and the chances of positive outcomes.

Furthermore, our comprehensive compliance verification process, progress tracking, and scoring system instill confidence among members in their choice of business partners, ensuring that they are working with reliable and trustworthy entities.

Our Key Focus Areas


Financial Service Providers - Lenders

Access a comprehensive profile of each MSME, enabling you to make informed lending decisions based on their risk profile and performance.

Offer tailored and affordable financial products and services, ensuring better access to funding for creditworthy MSMEs.

Expand your lending opportunities and minimize risk by tapping into our network of trustworthy and creditworthy MSMEs.


Capacity Builders:

Utilize our comprehensive MSME profiles to accurately identify their specific capacity-building needs.

Contribute to the growth and development of MSMEs by providing targeted and effective capacity-building services.

Extend your reach and impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem by leveraging our platform to connect with a wide pool of MSMEs.


Business Associations:

Strengthen your support for MSMEs by harnessing our comprehensive profiles that capture their performance across multiple dimensions.

Facilitate access to a network of financial service providers, enabling MSMEs to access tailored financial products, grants, and venture capital.

Empower your association by providing MSMEs with a platform that offers market opportunities, effective utilization of trade credit for growth, and networking possibilities


Insurance Companies:

Mitigate risks associated with MSMEs by leveraging our comprehensive profiles that include financial, market, operational, social, environmental, and governance performance.

Underwrite trade credit and affiliated insurance products based on the risk profile of MSMEs, protecting against non-payment risks and supporting their growth.

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Make informed investment decisions by accessing our comprehensive profiles of MSMEs, which provide a holistic view of their performance.

Identify high-potential MSMEs with sustainable practices, fostering positive environmental and social impact.

Expand your investment portfolio and contribute to economic growth by connecting with promising MSMEs through our platform.


Technical and Vocational Education and Training Institutions (TVETs):

Collaborate to offer internship opportunities to MSMEs, providing them with access to skilled talent and practical training.

Impart specialized skills and knowledge to MSMEs, enhancing their capabilities and improving their operational efficiency.

Bridge the skills gap by aligning TVET curricula with the needs of MSMEs, ensuring that graduates are equipped with relevant skills for the evolving business landscape.

Strengthen the link between education and entrepreneurship by promoting experiential learning and real-world application of skills.

Contribute to the overall growth and sustainability of the MSME sector by nurturing a skilled workforce and fostering innovation.



Support the growth and sustainability of MSMEs by utilizing our comprehensive profiles that capture their performance across multiple dimensions.

Foster partnerships with creditworthy MSMEs, enabling access to innovative and diverse suppliers.

Demonstrate your commitment to environmental and social sustainability by engaging with MSMEs that promote renewable energy, waste reduction, gender equality, and community empowerment.


Join Pipeline today and be part of a transformative ecosystem that empowers MSMEs to thrive and create a sustainable future. 

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