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Key Focus Area

Ownership Records

Beneficial Owners and State-Owned Enterprises: Our primary focus is to retrieve ownership records from government registries in the respective jurisdictions. We obtain certified registry records to conduct a thorough analysis of beneficial ownership structures and directorships. This ensures accurate and reliable information for decision-making

Sanctions & Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) Screening

We meticulously screen individuals and companies against sanction lists to identify any connections to sanctioned entities or politically exposed persons. This helps you mitigate risks associated with prohibited individuals or entities.

Adverse Media and Civil Litigations

Our EDD service includes an extensive review of adverse media coverage and civil litigations involving the entities under investigation. This helps uncover any negative news, controversies, or legal disputes that may impact their reputation or financial standing.

Anti-Money Laundering & Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT)

We prioritize compliance with AML/CFT regulations and conduct thorough checks to identify any potential money laundering or financing of terrorism risks associated with the entities in question. This helps you maintain regulatory compliance and mitigate financial crime risks

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Our EDD process also considers environmental, social, and governance factors. We assess the entities' adherence to sustainability practices, social responsibility, and ethical business standards. This helps you make informed decisions aligned with your ESG objectives.

Background Checks

Our EDD service includes comprehensive background checks on individuals associated with the entities under investigation. We verify educational qualifications, employment history, professional affiliations, and any relevant credentials to ensure transparency and reliability.

Statutory Document Retrieval:

We assist in retrieving necessary statutory documents, such as company registration certificates, articles of association, and other legal records. This ensures that you have access to authentic and up-to-date information for analysis and decision-making.

Bespoke Research:

We offer bespoke research services tailored to your specific requirements. Our team conducts customized investigations and analysis based on your unique needs, providing you with insights that go beyond standard due diligence practices.


At ASAP Inform, our Enhanced Due Diligence service provides you with a comprehensive understanding of entities in Africa. We combine meticulous research, advanced screening techniques, and expertise in regulatory compliance to deliver accurate and actionable insights. Trust us to help you make informed decisions and mitigate risks associated with business engagements in Africa. Contact us today to learn more about our Enhanced Due Diligence service and how we can assist you in your risk management and compliance efforts.

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