• Internal rules require companies to credit-check their clients prior to extending credit. 

  • ASAP Inform often requires the collaboration of the subject companies and in this regard, we may contact your company for a reference.

Reasons to Work with ASAP Inform
  • Increase Revenue

  • To be vetted by ASAP Inform is a proof of credibility and can be a competitive advantage in Africa.

  • Ensure Accuracy

  • We work with all available databases and references to represent the info on your company correctly. But only you can give the full picture your client or supplier needs.

  • Grow your market. By making some commercial data available to the business community you are enabling data services that make your markets more attractive to creditors, suppliers and investors.

  • Accelerate the process. Supplier signup or credit decision – the faster-qualified information is on hand, the faster the cash can flow.

  • Increase visibility. Being on the ASAP Inform database increases your visibility to our multinational clients looking for trade.

Why your information is safe with us?
  • Source confidentiality.Trade and other references provided under the condition of anonymity are treated as highly confidential and their sources are not revealed to the client without their consent.

  • Data security.Our systems and portals adhere to the highest standards of data security and undergo certified penetration testing on a regular basis.

  • Protection of personal information.ASAP Inform adheres to the Kenya Data Privacy Act. Personal information is only used for the purposes allowed by the act. It may be sold on to other clients under strict terms and conditions on the usage of such data for specific vetting and fraud prevention/fraud detection purposes.

Contact us for queries
  • Verify our requests are legitimate.

  • Submit your information proactively.

  • Enquire about our services.

  • Request a report on your own company or yourself.

  • Question and/or correct any information on your company or yourself.

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